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CCMS011617ONSub post office road narayanapet 10 400
CCMS011688ONCivil line road narayanapet 11 440
CCMS011743ONCivil line road narayanapet 10 400
CCMS011762ONCivil line road narayanapet 14 560
CCMS011378ONSri sai school road narayanapet 11 198
CCMS011659ONSri Vivekananda Park Road narayanapet 8 320
CCMS011740ONSri Vivekananda Park to Narayanpet 10 180
CCMS011713ONGandhinagar Road Narayanapet 10 180
CCMS011363ONSai Vijay colony narayanapet 20 360
CCMS011757ONSai Vijay Colony narayanapet 18 368
CCMS011691ONSha shawa palli road narayanapet 20 360
CCMS011692ONMonnapa colony narayanapet 25 450
CCMS011733ONRTC colony narayanapet 38 684
CCMS011714ONSrinivasa colony narayanapet 20 360
CCMS011671ONLigaya temple road narayanapet 13 234
CCMS011667ONShanti Nagar Colony narayanapet 18 324
CCMS011627ONSinger base Colony narayanapet 15 270
CCMS011681ONLingaya Temple Road narayanapet 30 540
CCMS011690ONLinga Temple Road narayanapet 22 396
CCMS011608ONAkshara School Road Narayanapet 25 450
CCMS011629ONBrahman Colony narayanapet 14 252
CCMS011657ONSubhash Road Narayanapet 10 180
CCMS011651ONSubhash Nagar Road narayanapet 4 72
CCMS011661ONKumari Colony narayanapet 25 450
CCMS011717ONKumari Colony narayanapet 31 558
CCMS011612ONNarayanpet main road 23 414
CCMS011616ONMalleswari Colony narayanapet 19 342
CCMS011695ONMalleswari Colony narayanapet 22 396
CCMS011656ONBaram kunta Road Narayanapet 18 324
CCMS011665ONNarayanapet main road 24 432
CCMS011374ONBC Colony narayanapet 27 486
CCMS011729ONBC Colony narayanapet 15 270
NRPT000001ONRtc colony narayanapet 25 450
CCMS011744ONSrinivas Colony narayanapet 18 324
CCMS011674ONBC colony narayanapet 21 378
CCMS011623ONGayatri Nagar narayanapet 31 558
CCMS011725ONBaba colony narayanapet 15 270
CCMS011745ONAmbabhavani temple road narayanapet 17 306
CCMS011759ONAmbedkar Road narayanapet 23 414
CCMS011644ONAshok Nagar Colony narayanapet 29 522
CCMS011395ONAshok Nagar Colony narayanapet 16 288
CCMS011750ONAshok Nagar Colony Narayanapet 22 396
CCMS011728ONAshok Nagar Colony Majith area narayanapet 29 522
CCMS011763ONAmbedkar Chowrasta narayanapet 21 378
CCMS011732ONAmbedkar Chowrasta Narayanpet 28 504
CCMS008124ONTeachers Colony Narayanapet 25 450
CCMS008336ONSathya Sai Colony narayanapet 21 378
CCMS008333ONBapu Nagar Colony NarayanaPet 14 252
CCMS007878ONAshok Nagar Narayanapet 18 324
CCMS008172ONSathya Sai Colony Narayanapet 14 252
CCMS007703ONBharat Petroleum road Narayanapet 10 1100
CCMS008320ONSathya Sai Colony Vinita Hospital road narayanapet 10 1100
CCMS008365ONAshok Nagar Colony narayanapet 25 450
CCMS008138ONBus stop Road Narayanapet 8 880
CCMS008132ONPharma Reddy Colony narayanapet 21 378
CCMS008357ONBaba theatre Road NarayanaPet 15 1650
CCMS008175ONOld bus stop Road NarayanaPet 10 400
CCMS007874ONSatavahana Colony Narayanpet 13 234
CCMS007875ONSatavahana Colony Market Road narayanapet 20 360
CCMS008173ONYadagiri Road Narayaanapet 10 1100
CCMS008178ONYadgiri Road Narayanapet 25 450
CCMS008332ONSC colony narayanapet 35 630
CCMS008168ONMala colony narayanapet 30 540
CCMS008406ONPalla parimalpure hanuman temple 15 270
CCMS008194ONGangidi gadda narayanapet 22 396
CCMS008323ONPalla parimilapure narayanapet 16 288
CCMS008193ONGangidi gadda narayanapet 22 396
CCMS008344ONGangidi gadda narayanapet 16 288
CCMS008354ONDarga road narayanapet 26 468
CCMS008358ONPalla road narayanapet 14 252
CCMS008135ONTing pathar road narayanapet 25 450
CCMS008318ONMandi mohalla road narayanapet 12 216
CCMS008330ONKumari Colony narayanapet 25 450
CCMS008360ONBarepheat road narayanapet 15 270
CCMS008337ONMandi mohalla colony narayanapet 25 450
CCMS001139ONMandi area narayanapet 20 360
CCMS008177ONSikilgiri colony narayanapet 6 108
CCMS001175ONPathi bazar colony narayanapet 10 180
CCMS008316ONSarfe Bazar Narayanpet 16 288
CCMS008319ONSarfe bazar narayanapet 16 288
CCMS008137ONShankar temple narayanapet 16 288
CCMS008130ONShivaji nagar road narayanapet 14 252
CCMS008125ONDhoolpet road narayanapet 25 450
CCMS008329ONSri shanshevari Temple narayanapet 16 288
CCMS008167ONMarket Road narayanapet 10 180
CCMS008187ONMarket Road Narayanapet 15 270
CCMS008131ONDistrict hospital road Narayanpet 15 270
CCMS008139ONSatavahana colony narayanapet 15 270
CCMS008303ONGopal pattle colony narayanapet 16 288
CCMS008140ONSubhash road narayanapet 20 360
CCMS008182ONSingarbase colony narayanapet 25 450
CCMS008359ONKuravagiri road narayanapet 22 430
CCMS008184ONAyyappa Temple Road Narayanapet 18 324
CCMS001169ONMuncipal office road narayanapet 10 180
CCMS001138ONGandhi nagar narayanapet 0 0
CCMS008335ONGandhi nagar narayanapet 30 540
CCMS008134ONSinagar base narayanapet 20 360
CCMS008338ONSasanam palli road narayanapet 16 288
CCMS011726ONPolle palli function hall road narayanapet 10 180
CCMS011711ONMeldhar vadi narayanapet 25 450
CCMS011731ONGanesh temple road narayanapet 18 324
CCMS011735ONTing pathar road narayanapet 30 540
CCMS008136ONHanuman temple road narayanapet 25 450
CCMS008326ONPalla purchi colony narayanapet 26 560
CCMS011360ONinfront monappa temple adarsha school backside 10 180
CCMS008356ONRTC colony entrane duradarshini front side 10 180
CCMS008127ONchoudeswari mandiram 10 180
CCMS008404ONhyd road metro power 9 315
CCMS008355ONSC colony raigir road 6 193
CCMS008322ONchouk bazar shubhas road 5 175
CCMS008339ONsathya sai colony 10 350


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GHMC011617High ConsumptionSub post office road narayanapet
GHMC011688High ConsumptionCivil line road narayanapet
GHMC011743High ConsumptionCivil line road narayanapet
GHMC011762High ConsumptionCivil line road narayanapet
GHMC011378High ConsumptionSri sai school road narayanapet
GHMC011659High ConsumptionSri Vivekananda Park Road narayanapet
GHMC011740High ConsumptionSri Vivekananda Park to Narayanpet
GHMC011713High ConsumptionGandhinagar Road Narayanapet
GHMC011363High ConsumptionSai Vijay colony narayanapet
GHMC011757High ConsumptionSai Vijay Colony narayanapet
GHMC011691High ConsumptionSha shawa palli road narayanapet
GHMC011692High ConsumptionMonnapa colony narayanapet
GHMC011733High ConsumptionRTC colony narayanapet
GHMC011714High ConsumptionSrinivasa colony narayanapet
GHMC011671High ConsumptionLigaya temple road narayanapet
GHMC011667High ConsumptionShanti Nagar Colony narayanapet
GHMC011627High ConsumptionSinger base Colony narayanapet
GHMC011681High ConsumptionLingaya Temple Road narayanapet
GHMC011690High ConsumptionLinga Temple Road narayanapet
GHMC011608High ConsumptionAkshara School Road Narayanapet
GHMC011629High ConsumptionBrahman Colony narayanapet
GHMC011657High ConsumptionSubhash Road Narayanapet
GHMC011651High ConsumptionSubhash Nagar Road narayanapet
GHMC011661High ConsumptionKumari Colony narayanapet
GHMC011717High ConsumptionKumari Colony narayanapet
GHMC011612High ConsumptionNarayanpet main road
GHMC011616High ConsumptionMalleswari Colony narayanapet
GHMC011695High ConsumptionMalleswari Colony narayanapet
GHMC011656High ConsumptionBaram kunta Road Narayanapet
GHMC011665High ConsumptionNarayanapet main road
GHMC011374High ConsumptionBC Colony narayanapet
GHMC011729High ConsumptionBC Colony narayanapet
NRPT000001High ConsumptionRtc colony narayanapet
GHMC011744High ConsumptionSrinivas Colony narayanapet
GHMC011674High ConsumptionBC colony narayanapet
GHMC011623High ConsumptionGayatri Nagar narayanapet
GHMC011725High ConsumptionBaba colony narayanapet
GHMC011745High ConsumptionAmbabhavani temple road narayanapet
GHMC011759High ConsumptionAmbedkar Road narayanapet
GHMC011644High ConsumptionAshok Nagar Colony narayanapet
GHMC011395High ConsumptionAshok Nagar Colony narayanapet
GHMC011750High ConsumptionAshok Nagar Colony Narayanapet
GHMC011728High ConsumptionAshok Nagar Colony Majith area narayanapet
GHMC011763High ConsumptionAmbedkar Chowrasta narayanapet
GHMC011732High ConsumptionAmbedkar Chowrasta Narayanpet
GHMC008124High ConsumptionTeachers Colony Narayanapet
GHMC008336High ConsumptionSathya Sai Colony narayanapet
GHMC008333High ConsumptionBapu Nagar Colony NarayanaPet
GHMC007878High ConsumptionAshok Nagar Narayanapet
GHMC008172High ConsumptionSathya Sai Colony Narayanapet
GHMC008365High ConsumptionAshok Nagar Colony narayanapet
GHMC008132High ConsumptionPharma Reddy Colony narayanapet
GHMC008357Low ConsumptionBaba theatre Road NarayanaPet
GHMC008175High ConsumptionOld bus stop Road NarayanaPet
GHMC007874High ConsumptionSatavahana Colony Narayanpet
GHMC007875High ConsumptionSatavahana Colony Market Road narayanapet
GHMC008178High ConsumptionYadgiri Road Narayanapet
GHMC008332High ConsumptionSC colony narayanapet
GHMC008168High ConsumptionMala colony narayanapet
GHMC008406High ConsumptionPalla parimalpure hanuman temple
GHMC008194High ConsumptionGangidi gadda narayanapet
GHMC008323High ConsumptionPalla parimilapure narayanapet
GHMC008193High ConsumptionGangidi gadda narayanapet
GHMC008344High ConsumptionGangidi gadda narayanapet
GHMC008354High ConsumptionDarga road narayanapet
GHMC008358High ConsumptionPalla road narayanapet
GHMC008135High ConsumptionTing pathar road narayanapet
GHMC008318High ConsumptionMandi mohalla road narayanapet
GHMC008330High ConsumptionKumari Colony narayanapet
GHMC008360High ConsumptionBarepheat road narayanapet
GHMC008337High ConsumptionMandi mohalla colony narayanapet
GHMC001139High ConsumptionMandi area narayanapet
GHMC008177High ConsumptionSikilgiri colony narayanapet
GHMC001175High ConsumptionPathi bazar colony narayanapet
GHMC008316High ConsumptionSarfe Bazar Narayanpet
GHMC008319High ConsumptionSarfe bazar narayanapet
GHMC008137High ConsumptionShankar temple narayanapet
GHMC008130High ConsumptionShivaji nagar road narayanapet
GHMC008125High ConsumptionDhoolpet road narayanapet
GHMC008329High ConsumptionSri shanshevari Temple narayanapet
GHMC008167High ConsumptionMarket Road narayanapet
GHMC008187High ConsumptionMarket Road Narayanapet
GHMC008131High ConsumptionDistrict hospital road Narayanpet
GHMC008139High ConsumptionSatavahana colony narayanapet
GHMC008303High ConsumptionGopal pattle colony narayanapet
GHMC008140High ConsumptionSubhash road narayanapet
GHMC008182High ConsumptionSingarbase colony narayanapet
GHMC008359High ConsumptionKuravagiri road narayanapet
GHMC008184High ConsumptionAyyappa Temple Road Narayanapet
GHMC001169High ConsumptionMuncipal office road narayanapet
GHMC001138High ConsumptionGandhi nagar narayanapet
GHMC008335High ConsumptionGandhi nagar narayanapet
GHMC008134High ConsumptionSinagar base narayanapet
GHMC008338High ConsumptionSasanam palli road narayanapet
GHMC011726High ConsumptionPolle palli function hall road narayanapet
GHMC011711High ConsumptionMeldhar vadi narayanapet
GHMC011731High ConsumptionGanesh temple road narayanapet
GHMC011735High ConsumptionTing pathar road narayanapet
GHMC008136High ConsumptionHanuman temple road narayanapet
GHMC008326High ConsumptionPalla purchi colony narayanapet
GHMC011360High Consumptioninfront monappa temple adarsha school backside
GHMC008356High ConsumptionRTC colony entrane duradarshini front side
GHMC008127High Consumptionchoudeswari mandiram
GHMC008404High Consumptionhyd road metro power
GHMC008355High ConsumptionSC colony raigir road
GHMC008322High Consumptionchouk bazar shubhas road
GHMC008339High Consumptionsathya sai colony

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